NV Updater FAQ


NV Updater can be installed using the provided setup, simply run the downloaded file.

The following folders are created by NV Updater:

C:\Program Files (x86)\NV UpdaterDefault installation path
%appdata%\Roaming\nv_updaterConfiguration file
%appdata%\Roaming\nv_updater\Downloadtemporärer Ordner für Geforce Treiber
%appdata%\Roaming\nv_updater\LogsFolder for the log files

The directories under %appdata% can be deleted at any time, NV Updater will recreate them at startup. The previously set configuration will be lost. NV Updater requires an installation of the .NET Framework 4.7.2, without the runtime package the APP is not executable.


The uninstallation of NV Updater can be done by using the appropriate mask for removing software in Windows. Normally, the setup wizard will remove all files without leaving any residue. If you want to check this anyway, the corresponding folders are listed above. In addition, before uninstalling NV Updater, please make sure to check the following in the NV Updater options

Supported graphics cards

NV Updater supports the following Supported graphics cards, if the corresponding graphics card is not found in the database, a fallback to the old detection system is executed



NV Updater is a tray application, the APP runs mainly in the background. With a "double click" on the tray icon a manual update check for

a new NVIDIA driver must be implemented. A "right click" opens the context menu, which offers the possibility to open the "About" window. This window contains information about the version of NV Updater and other information, and you can also view detailed properties of the graphics card. Additionally there is a button "Config-Folder", which opens the Explorer and displays the NV Updater config-folder. Furthermore the context menu contains the item "Check for APP Update", which checks if a new version of NV Updater is available. The menu item "Options" opens the "Options" window, where you can change various settings. The menu item "Exit" closes NV Updater. This help is also available via the context menu.


The Options window allows the user to customize NV Updater to his own needs.

Check for own application upates at program start

This setting enables the NV Updater to check for updates automatically. This is not about new driver versions of the NVIDIA driver, but about program updates for NV Updater itself.

Autorun NV Updater at Windows startup

This option allows NV Updater to start at Windows startup and check for new updates in the background.

Enable Log-Files

If this setting is enabled, NV Updater will create log files containing information about the driver search history at any time. This option is mainly used for troubleshooting program crashes.

Check Update for every (10 hours)

Sets the interval to be used for searching for new NVIDIA drivers.

Ignore Version

This setting is only filled via the update window and can be deactivated here. This way a driver version from NVIDIA can be ignored.

Use DCH/Studio Driver

Installs either the Studio or GameReady drivers, either in the standard package or the DCH package.

Check for Hotfix releases

By enabling this option, NV Updater will also try to consider hotfix versions, this only works with GameReady drivers.

Setup Package Options

Silent InstallThis option runs the NVIDIA setup in "Silent Mode". No installation wizard is displayed. (Windows SmartScreen will still appear as long as NV Updater is not running in administrator mode.
Clean InstallThis setting causes the NVIDIA Installer to remove the old drivers and the new version will attempt to install properly.
Remove GeForce ExperienceEntfernt die GeForce Experience Komponente aus dem Treiber-Paket, dies wird empfohlen da NV Updater genau dafür entwickelt wurde.
Remove NVIDIA TelemetryRemoves the GeForce Experience component from the driver package, this is recommended as NV Updater is designed to do just that.
Remove NVIDIA Display Optimus driverRemoves the GeForce Experience component from the driver package, this is recommended because NV Updater accurately removes the NVIDIA Display Optimus from the driver package. NVIDIA Optimus is a proprietary technology that seamlessly switches between two GPUs. It is typically used on systems with an Intel integrated graphics processor and NVIDIA discrete graphics processor. The primary benefit of using NVIDIA Optimus is to extend battery life. The maximum GPU performance is only obtained when needed.
Remove ShadowplayRemoves the NVIDIA shadow display from the driver package. Nvidia Share (formerly ShadowPlay) is a hardware accelerated screen capture program for Windows PCs. Using GeForce GPUs manufactured by Nvidia Corp. as part of the GeForce Experience software.
Remove NVIDIA ShieldWireless ControllerRemoves the NVIDIA ShieldWireless controller from the driver package. Includes the driver package required for the NVIDIA Wireless Shield controller.
Remove NvContainerRemoves the NVIDIA NvContainer from the driver package. The program named nvcontainer.exe appears to be responsible for the execution and content of other NVIDIA processes. The program executes other NVIDIA processes and collects them among itself.
Remove NVWMIRemoves the NVIDIA NVWMI component from the driver package With the NVIDIA Enterprise Management Toolkit called NVWMI, IT administrators can create scripts and programs for many administrative tasks and functions, such as configuring GPU settings, retrieving GPU information, and performing automated tasks. It is a Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation console.
Remove NvvHCIRemoves the NVIDIA Virtual Host Controller Interface driver from the driver package. This is a Virtual USB Host Controller driver for interacting with the USB ports of a Shield device.
Remove NVIDIA PhysiXRemoves the NVIDIA PhysiX from the driver package. PhysX is an open source real-time physics engine middleware SDK developed by Nvidia as part of the Nvidia GameWorks software package.
Remove AnselRemoves the NVIDIA Ansel function from the driver package. Ansel is a way to capture in-game footage and view it in 360°. Take your screenshots from any position, adjust them with post-processing filters, capture HDR images in high-fidelity formats and split them into 360 degrees.
Remove HDAudioRemoves the NVIDIA HD audio from the driver package. The HD Audio driver allows the graphics card to transfer the sound over the HDMI cable.
Remove USB Type-C driverRemoves the NVIDIA USB Type C driver from the driver package. The NVIDIA USB Type-C port policy controller driver is used to display the image via USB-C.
Remove Display.NViewRemoves the NVIDIA NView from the driver package NView is a virtual desktop manager.
Remove Update.CoreRemoves the NVIDIA Update.Core component from the driver package This is an update component that attempts to display a notification when a new driver is available (similar to GF Experience but less reliable).
Remove Display.UpdateRemoves the NVIDIA Update.Update component from the driver package (part of Update.Core). This is an update component that attempts to display a notification when a new driver is available (similar to GF Experience but less reliable).
Remove MSVCRT LibsRemoves the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime from the driver package.
Remove NGXCoreRemoves the NVIDIA NGXCore component from the driver package NVIDIA NGX is an adaptive technology stack that brings AI-based features to accelerate and enhance graphics, photo, image, and video processing directly into applications. The NGX SDK makes it easy for developers to integrate AI functions into their application with pre-trained networks.
Remove nodejsRemoves the Node.js component from the driver package. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime based on the V8 JavaScript engine from Chrome.
Remove NvAbHubRemoves the NVIDIA NvAbHub from the driver package
Remove NvBackendRemoves the NVIDIA GeForce Experience backend from the driver package. The NVIDIA GeForce Experience backend is part of the GeForce Experience software.
Remove NvVADRemoves the NVIDIA Virtual Audio Driver from the driver package The NVIDIA Virtual Audio Driver is used to transfer audio to NVIDIA Shield products.


RGB Full/limited rangeNvidia RGB Full/limited range switch (only required if you have problems with your RGB settings after driver installation (only works with admin rights).

Report a bug

NV Updater is currently in the BETA phase and is constantly being developed and fixed. If you have found a bug, please report it in the bugtracker. It is important to always use the latest version of NV Updater. When reporting a bug, please include your graphics card and possibly an export of the graphics details from the "About" window.