NV Updater (Nvidia Driver Updater)

The NV Updater program is used to update the driver for Geforce graphics cards from Nvidia. No NVIDIA account is required and the additional tool Geforce Experience is not installed.

NV Updater requires the .NET Framework 4.7.2 to run correctly on the machine.

NV Updater runs in the background and checks for updates to the NVIDIA driver at a specified interval. If an update for the graphics card driver is available, a message window is displayed. It is possible to view the changelog of the new driver or ignore the offered version. Furthermore NV Updater offers some slimming functions, which means that it is possible to remove single components from the driver. So you can install your own package, which is adapted to your personal needs.

Additionally it is possible to create log files to keep track of what has happened in the background and to support better debugging.

NV Updater has its own update system to update the program itself to the latest version. More features will be added to the program in the future, it will be possible to customize the driver package even further. Of course it is also possible to switch off this update system, it can then be updated manually without any problems. All settings will be kept.



NV Updater is a free project with which I do not want to earn any income. If you want to donate coffee's, you are welcome to do so with a donation for my site. The sourcecode will be made available on Github during the project, this will happen when the program has reached a stable version and the sourcecode is of the appropriate quality.

The program is currently still in development and is in the BETA phase, so there may be some bugs. I ask you to report these accordingly, and you are also welcome to report other feature suggestions at the same place.

NV Updater does not collect any data from your PC and respects your privacy.

Current features:

  • Search for new drivers at different intervals
  • Installation in Silent / Clean mode
  • Manual download of the driver package
  • Support for DCH driver package
  • RGB Full / Limited configuration after driver installation
  • Ignoring a version
  • Removing NVIDIA Telemetry
  • Removal of Shield Wireless Controller driver
  • Removal of Optimus Support
  • Removal of NV Container
  • Removal of Nvidia platform controllers and framework
  • PhysX driver removal
  • Removal of Distance NvCamera - Ansel
  • Removal of HDAudio distance
  • Removal of PPC
  • Removal of Distance USB Type-C Port device driver
  • Removal of Display.NView distance
  • Removal of nView
  • Removal of Display.Update
  • Removal of MSVCRT - Visual C++ runtime components
  • Removal of NGXCore
  • Removal of Distance Node.js
  • Removal of Distance NvAbHub
  • Removal of Distance from stroke
  • Removal of Nvidia Backend
  • Removal of NvVAD
  • Removal of Virtual Audio Driver
  • Removal of WMI provider
  • Removal of Update.Core
  • Removal of FrameView-SDK
  • Removal of NvModuleTracker (Platform Controllers and FrameWork)