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    Optimus? O.o

    I only have one video card though

    In any event, works and has no WD false positive :)

    Oh just as a side comment - the popup that comes up when there is a new APP version (with the Install or Cancel buttons)

    It would be nice if this showed in the taskbar rather than being a toolwindow - it's easy for it to get lost underneath other windows!


    Guess it looks like we have two different people with two different exceptions going on in this thread now.

    Should I move to my own thread?

    Here's the info you wanted:


    I have this problem too.

    I have a Geforce 1070, desktop PC (no onboard), Windows 10 18363.719

    Maybe mine is crashing for a different reason, but here is my info - might help hbk4ever too.

    I'm guessing the nice juicy stack trace here should help you out.

    Looks like bad string parsing logic.

    I'd suggest giving your app a global exception handler so that you can catch these types of unhandled exceptions and log or notify appropriately.…ion?view=netframework-4.8