Currently there is an error when checking for a new version for NV Updater (503), this is caused by an update of the website. We are working on solving the problem, this may take a while. If this message bothers you, disable the automatic update feature in the options.
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    Can u send me the whole log file please, the error just says that then APP can't reach the nvidia driver actual. For me it is working normally :thinking_face:

    Hi there :upside_down_face:,

    do you have the newest version installed? Do you have the logfiles from this event?

    Is something changed on your machine, for example new graphics card?

    Discussion of article Happy Xmas:

    The year is slowly coming to an end and Christmas is finally here . I would like to thank you for your support, the nice donators and all the others who reported bugs and helped with testing ;). Without you the project "NV Updater" would never have grown and developed so much.

    Discussion of article NV Updater - new features:

    My little tool has become quite popular by now and it is constantly being developed. Recently, the new versions have been released at rather short intervals, on the one hand because of necessary bug fixes, on the other hand because of new features or improvements.

    Yes but it seems you have something different because your NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 has the ID VideoController2 and normal its VideoController2. The older versions of NV Updater cant recognize this controllers, i fixed this after some research finally on :).

    Oh just as a side comment - the popup that comes up when there is a new APP version (with the Install or Cancel buttons)

    It would be nice if this showed in the taskbar rather than being a toolwindow - it's easy for it to get lost underneath other windows!

    Ok i will have a look on it, but it is a update library that not comes from me ;)

    Uh men this false positive shit drives me crazy some time :/. My defender says nothing. Bit your Problem is fixed in the newer version, its caused from your optimus Setting.

    [NV Updater (Nvidia Driver Updater) .exe - Application Error]

    The exception unknown software exceptions (0xe0434352)

    occurred in the application at location 0x77174e28

    This error seems to point on a problem with your .NET installation, thats what google tell me about that :/. Actual the app needs .NET Framewirk 4.7.2, if you have this installed, maybe try the .NET Repair Tool from Microsoft.

    Could you sent me the output mentioned here too?

    And i saw you are using, please use the new version, maybe its faulting on optimus.

    Ok first use the windows explorer, i dont know "Directory Opus" ;) and if the tool can handle windows paths with %.

    Then ensure the folder nv_updater does not exist in %appdata%, if it exits then delete it.

    Then copy the new file and try it.


    • nv_updater.exe

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    Oh you only have to look at %appdata%\nv_updater\. You can copy that to your explorer Adress Bar. Ist should only be under your own profile :).

    The exe i attached does nothing else?

    I can't get this program to open nor is anything related to this shown in the task manager. There is no log file in the %appdata%/roaming folder either. I'm running Windows 10 Pro x64 with the latest updates with a GeForce 1050 Ti video card.

    Did it create the file nvu_config.ini in the %appdata%\nv_updater\

    Ok, looks normal to me...and there is no error shown, not even in the windows eventviewer?

    Please try the exe in the attachment and copy it to the install directory :/


    • nv_updater.exe

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