Latest 496.13 driver update is not shown.


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Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070m
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Microsoft Windows 10
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updater doesn't provide the version 496.13, that was released 3 days ago.

Currently I have version 472.12 Standard and it's also the one that updater displays as the latest version.

I tried to check if NVCleanstall v1.10.0 would display 496.13 Standard, but it only displays 496.13 DCH version for Desktop and Notebook.

I've read on the Nvidia forum that driver is only available as DCH, that's information from the dev.

I tried to reinstall NV Updater, launching with "Run as administrator", checking "Use DCH Driver", "Use Studio Driver" and "Check for Hotfix releases (experimental)". All of them 1 by 1, with restarting the program before checking for new update, and it still displays 472.12.

I will use DDU for driver cleanup and perform a clean installation of 496.16 DCH by using NVCleanstall in this case. I could do this and check if NV Updater recognizes 496.13 as the latest version only if DCH version is installed. Then provide an update.

Attachments: screenshot of NVCleanstall search results (nvcleanstall.jpg), screenshot of NV Updater (nvupdater.jpg), export of Nvidia System info (nvidia.txt), logs of NV Updater with DCH and Hotfix search enabled (updaterlog.log)

My specs: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070m, Windows 10 Home 64-bit, 20H2, build 19042.1288

Thank you in advance for looking at this problem and hoping for a contact soon. Kamil.

contact: ( | @DubbyOW on twitter | dubby#8828 discord)

EDIT: added graphic export csv file


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  • Hello, thanks for your bug report. I had a quick look at your problem, it looks like NV Updater is behaving correctly here for now, as the NVIDA API only returns version 472.12. Can you please in NV Updater under About \ Graphic Info, export and upload the CSV.

    • thank you, I used NVCleanstall to successfully install 496.13 DCH, but NV Updater still displays 472.12 upon requesting an update, with DCH checked and without it as well, added csv file to ticket attachments as requested

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    • also here is the latest driver version found by nvidia driver website search…Results.aspx/181122/en-uk

    • The problem with DCH is, that i cant' find them directly. So it seems the GRD is stuck at 472.12, so NV Updater can't create a download address for the new DCH driver. If you want to install the driver u can download it manually and use the "install local driver" option in the context menu. So you can clean the driver too.

      The API call here is this for your system:…=816&rpf=1&osid=57&lid=14 and here NVIDIA says 472.12 is actual. Some times the API needs some days to give the correct version back

    • I looked into this again, Nividia has removed the standard driver package, as of 496.13 there will only be DCH drivers.

      NV Updater currently has no correct API call for the DCH driver, it is inferred from the standard package to the DCH package. I have rewritten the API access, there will be an update soon.

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    • thank you for solving the issue, I appreciate your work!

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