NV Updater - APP update error message


On 06/15/2021 I made changes to the homepage. The WCF/WBB was updated with version 5.3.8 and the design of the page was changed with it. This was due to the fact that the old theme is no longer compatible with the new version and I wanted to update the design of the site for some time.

This update caused an error in the internal updater sw.wsc.update and you got an error message with the content "503". The problem arose because the FIlebase got new features, because the version descriptions are now multilingual available and therefore internal variables were changed. The module sw.wsc.update uses a server-side script for communication, which we built ourselves to provide the data of the filebase as an update.

With the help of Woltlab I could adjust the server side script and the update function of NV Updater is now running normally again. The error message should be gone now and no program update is needed.

Have fun and stay healthy :S .

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