NV Updater - The new version is a long time coming

Hey guys :hugging_face:. Today I have some news about the upcoming version of NV Updater. The last update was a while ago and seems to run quite well, at least there were no real bug reports.

The version will still take a while! This is because 0.6.x got so many fixes and improvements, that I can't merge this version with 0.7.x and have to rebuild a lot. On the other hand the bigger feature of 0.7.x should be the task scheduling, but I didn't deal with it yet. That means now it comes soon first the version, this has also already a few small things with it:

There will be a new options menu, which is divided a bit more clearly and will later provide the appropriate space for task scheduling. It doesn't look like on the first screenshots though, because I decided to use MetroSuite. This suite will also introduce a dark mode for the program in a later version.

Additionally the suggestion of Cris_ will be implemented and it will be possible to install a driver that is already on the harddisk. This will then also be slimmed accordingly after the settings.

You can expect in about 2-4 weeks 8o! Stay healthy and continue to have fun :victory_hand_light_skin_tone:

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