NV Updater - new features

My little tool has become quite popular by now and it is constantly being developed. Recently, the new versions have been released at rather short intervals, on the one hand because of necessary bug fixes, on the other hand because of new features or improvements. Now the development will slow down a bit, because I will make some changes to NV Updater.

I am currently working on version, in this version I want to clean up the code and change the project completely to Option Strict On. So far only some parts of the project run with this option, so there is still some catching up to do. Also some functions have to be reworked and duplicate code is outsourced, so you see there is still a lot to do. But it will not be a pure bugfix release, will get a completely new options form and it will be possible to customize the check for new drivers.

This is a first draft of the new Options Form, it may still change a bit over time. To ensure that the update check is performed reliably, I use the Quartz.NET Framework. This new feature has to be tested quite thoroughly, so will take more time. I expect a release in June of this year. But this does not concern bugfix releases, which can be caused by reported bugs.

Have fun and stay healthy :)

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