PP Update System in NV Updater will be renewed

The NV Updater software itself also uses an update component to find new versions. Currently the library nUpdate from Dominic Berger is used for this purpose. The library is already a few days old and after a hint from jmorgannz, I decided to program my own system. The library also has other problems, so the administration tool can't handle encrypted FTP connections anymore and version 4.0 is not being pushed.

In addition it is laborious to make two uploads of updates or configure them. So I'm writing my own small library that creates an interface to the Woltlab Filebase and fetches the appropriate information from my website.

Currently it looks like this and version of the library can already download updates and check and start the setup. The installation of the update is then done by the installer system, so there are no longer two different sources but only one. The new library sw.wsc.update.dll will probably be included in the next or next but one update of NV Updater.

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