Project: TS3 Server Updater

Besides my actual job as a test engineer, I also do free software here from time to time. The small tools are always created out of my own need for something, or because I'm not satisfied with the given circumstances. For example, NV-Updater was created, because I just didn't like the idea of having to use a tool like Geforce Experience just to keep the driver up to date 8o.

At home I have a small NAS running Windows 10, which hosts some private stuff and also some services for relatives and friends. So this NAS also runs a Teamspeak Server for Windows. TeamSpeak is still the most popular VoiceClient in my environment, which we use most despite Discord and the like. But since the server does not offer any update function, I started to write an update tool some time ago. As you can see the tool is a console application, which should update the TS3 server and make a backup before.

Currently it is called "TS3 Update" and is in a very early state of development. It is planned to let the tool update automatically via the Windows task scheduler, or you can start it manually. Before an update is done, TS3 Update should create a backup of the complete folder and then store it compressed at a defined path. Afterwards the server is shut down, the update is installed and started again.

The project has been with me for some time now, firstly I found NV Updater more important for me personally and secondly I didn't have any ideas for further features.

What do you think about it, do you need such a tool or do you already know good alternatives for Windows that do the same thing? :)

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