New installation / update to WSC 5

Hello dear visitors,

Some of you have already noticed that my site had to struggle with error messages. This was because I wanted to update to the Woltlab WSC 5.x and there were problems. Actually the update process crashed, there was a rollback to the old framework, but it was damaged during the procedure.

Today, after long repair attempts, I decided to rebuild the WSC and import the old database. This worked so far and the site should run without problems again. Unfortunately I could not restore the bug tracker, it has no function to import old data and also copying the database entries did not lead to success. That means all the nice tickets you created are gone for the moment <X.

A good one had the new installation, I have now installed the multilanguage mode, so English visitors can now understand some parts of the homepage. I will now try to publish new content in both languages.

Now I wish you a lot of fun on my page :S

About the Author

Hallo ich bin Sascha, komme aus dem warmen Süden, genauer gesagt aus der Nähe von Freiburg. Inzwischen wohne ich aber in der Schweiz und gehe dort meinem Job als Test-Engineer nach. Ich bin begeisterter Technik und Smartphone Fan, schreibe in meiner Freizeit kleine Programme und bastle gerne an Webseiten und anderen Sachen.

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